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Building a fully operational Adobe Commerce infrastructure in just 1-4 months

Shinetech’s scalable and dedicated development teams have a shared goal to help facilitate positive change within your business by building tailored software that will respond to your unique business problems in a timely and cost-effective manner.

When you face problems that hinder your business’ growth and development, it is always a challenge to find a reliable partner that can help you build software and sustain a long-term business relationship that can scale with your business needs. Shinetech offers end-to-end solutions, from concept and strategy, UX/UI design, implementation, integration and support, helping you achieve your business goals and boost productivity within the shortest possible timeframe.

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Services offered by Shinetech Delivery Center India:

Shinetech Software Inc. has established development centers and branches in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, and India. Globalized operations enable Shinetech Software Inc.’s community of software development engineers to handle customer needs from different regions.

Software Development Engineers​ From Shinetech

Shinetech Software Inc. has completed 1500+ software development services for different customers from 25+ countries or regions, and more than 70% of them have chosen to cooperate with Shinetech Software Inc. for more than three years.

Why Shinetech

Since 2001, we have been providing premium software development services to our clients. Over the years, we have successfully
delivered 1500 + projects. We have built an excellent reputation among our clients by exceeding their expectations in providing quality software and fast delivery.

1) High-quality results from skilled and experienced developers

2) Transparent engagement and
clear communication

3) Self-organized DevOps teams with efficient collaboration

4) Reduced operational cost and improved return on investment

5) On-demand support service for OS and infrastructure upgrades

6) Recommendations for business process improvement

Featured Case Studies

Magento eCommerce Enterprise solution

eCommerce Enterprise Solution

Sales increased by 300%-400%

Shinetech built a brand new eCommerce site for this client’s China headquarters which lead to the client’s sales increase by 300%~400% the same year.

Track Day Recording iOS APP

Powerful features with a sleek design

Shinetech built a feature-rich iOS mobile application that allows users to track, analyze, and share their race track performance as well as purchase additional feature via in-app purchase
iOS Track Day App

Medical Device Manufacturer

Providing System Maintenance

The FDA introduced a new labelling requirements for healthcare products, Shinetech took over from a previous vendor to integrate and transform their system to meet the new FDA standards, while adding new functions to increase efficiency.
Upgrading Legacy System for a Medical Device Manufacturer
Cloud-based Sports Platform

Cloud Based Sports Platform

52% annual savings in development cost

Shinetech built & deployed a future-proof cloud solution that cut in half the clients annual development costs as well as speeding up their deployment time by 85%

Shinetech guarantee

To make sure we are the right fit for you, we provide a completely free one-week trial. This test run lets you see how exactly we work, and you can decide if our approach to your business is the right one.

We ensure that we meet your development goals during our iteration cycles and produce software up to the highest standards. However, if you are, for any reason, not satisfied with the outcome of the latest iteration, we will provide a full refund for the latest iteration cycle, no questions asked.

You can see everything Shinetech Java developers do because our processes are fully transparent. We also create a high-integrity code that is agile and easy to understand, has the necessary security, and meets all regulations and standards. This way, we can address and solve code defects sooner and upgrade the software quickly.

In order to prevent code and information leaks, all our developers sign non-disclosure agreements. It is an additional step to make sure none of your intellectual property finds its way out unintentionally.

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