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Life and Career at Shinetech

Looking to take ownership of your work? Join us, take control of your own schedule and work on projects you want to work on

We are always looking for talent


We are always on the lookout for talented, self-motivated developers who want to engage with great clients and make amazing software.

Business Development

Do you know how to communicate with people from all around the globe? To scale an agile team and build better business practices? We would love to hear from you.


Want to be constantly challenged with new products to work on? We want motivated UX & UI designers to make gorgeous human-friendly products.

Advantages of working with us


Dislike rush hour traffic? The 9 to 5 grind? At Shinetech, you are accountable to the clients you work with, not HR or middle management.


We don’t hide or conceal your worth; you will know your exact hourly rate, how many hours you work, and our agreement with the client.


We reward self-motivated people and those who take action. You control what projects to take on, and we won’t force you to work on something you don’t want to.

Life at Shinetech

Magento Xi'An team

"Great software starts with great people"

We believe “Great software starts with great people” because our people are the most critical component to delivering excellent quality software. By creating a collaborative and inspirational working culture, we motivate our team not only to write better code and implement great software but also to find solutions to clients’ business problems. Our developers always have the opportunity to challenge themselves to grow and expand their horizons through international collaboration inside Shinetech.

With onsite engineers in offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Toronto, Sydney, Karlstad, Bangaluru, and as well as over 23 branch offices distributed worldwide, we not only provide software development services for our clients around the globe; we also offer opportunities for our staff to broaden their horizons, visit our offices, and learn from each other.

A Global Culture

Our culture encourages self-development, collaboration, and leadership in an environment where continuous improvement is rewarded and flourishes.

Our developers work with top software engineers in America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, using the latest technologies and advanced development methods.

UX team collage

Not just another paycheck

Our developers (at a minimum) get 70% of their contracted price, which scales with experience and location.

We find that giving our developers a fair and transparent price makes for a more independent and happier workforce who want to work for you.

Family day
A collage of Shinetech developers' activities outside work

Our dynamic life

Clients worldwide entrust Shinetech with multimillion-dollar software development projects involving some of the industries’ most sensitive intellectual property. In our 18 years of business, we have never had a serious security breach or lost a client over a failure to enforce an NDA. Shinetech are confident that we will not only meet your expectations but will also exceed them.

Are you looking to join our team?

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We do not solicit head hunters, other development firms or external contract workers