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Tailored Application Solutions: Development, Maintenance, and Support Services

We offer top-tier custom application development alongside comprehensive IT maintenance and support services, adhering to the most rigorous industry standards. We ensure continuous operation for your application development, DevOps, and online support, eliminating any negative effects on business.

Our Services

Service 1 : Development

Application Development

We persistently focus on developing new features and enhancing existing systems to meet evolving business requirements.

Application Re-engineering

We revitalize your IT systems by incorporating the latest industry trends, updating technologies, and refining business processes. This includes consolidating, re-engineering, migrating, replacing, integrating, and automating your systems.

Service 2 : Maintenance

Bugs and Issues Tracking

We implement a rigorous bug and issue-tracking system as part of our continuous development efforts. This ensures that we promptly address issues, enhance features, or improve existing systems to align with evolving business needs.

Security and Compliance Upgrades

Our team at Shinetech adheres strictly to the latest security standards and implements necessary measures to uphold your system's security and compliance.

Comprehensive Proactive Monitoring​

Our monitoring system extends beyond infrastructure issues to identify business and data-level concerns. This proactive approach allows us to uncover hidden problems, rectify errors before users encounter them, and mitigate potential business losses.

Service 3 : Support

SLA-Driven Production Support

Our support is guided by industry-standard SLA processes, guaranteeing swift resolution of support needs to maintain uninterrupted business operations.

Application Migration

We meticulously plan and execute migrations to new platforms, seamlessly transitioning without disruption to existing systems.

Application Backup and Recovery

We prioritize regular system backups and recovery solutions, conducting periodic rehearsals to ensure preparedness for any disaster recovery scenarios.

Our Approaches to Application Development, Maintenance, and Support

Microservices-Driven Application Development

We leverage Agile and DevOps methodologies to streamline development, enhancing applications with independent, reliable, and secure microservices. This approach ensures easier build and maintenance of applications.

Enhanced Incident Resolution Framework

Our proficient developers provide Tier 2 and Tier 3 support solutions, covering bug fixing, application monitoring, and infrastructure maintenance. With a global delivery model, we offer 24/7 application support services.

Client Success Stories: Our Impactful Solutions

Case 1

We transformed a large online education platform from traditional architecture to Microservices and DevOps. This shift enabled the parent company to efficiently manage a surge in user traffic during the pandemic, resulting in the fastest business expansion compared to competitors.

Case 2

We designed and implemented a business-level monitoring system for a leading US high fashion corporation specializing in the apparel niche. This system reduced ticket reports by 90% and optimized their maintenance and support team from 10 members to just 4, leading to significant long-term cost savings for the client.

Case 3

We established 24/7 support for a multinational US IT company, managing their global eCommerce platforms and resolving user-reported issues worldwide. Additionally, we conduct bi-weekly system upgrades across multiple countries to ensure smooth operation and optimal performance of all their software.

We provide risk-free Services to our clients

Flexible Contracts

We provide adaptable contracts, allowing you to adjust your team size as your project scales and matures.

Money-back Guarantee

We have full confidence in our capacity to cultivate exceptional developers who, in turn, craft outstanding software. To underscore our commitment, we provide an unconditional refund in the event that you are dissatisfied with the deliverables of the latest development iteration.

1-Week Free Trial

Share with us a specific requirement such as a module or function point that needs further development. You’ll then be able to try our services risk-free for one week to learn about our working methods before signing a final contract.

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