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What Apple Vision Pro Brings Us?

What Apple Vision Pro Brings Us?

Now that we see the arrival of Vision Pro, we should be aware of the vast opportunities that come with Vision Pro: the independent App Store needs enough Apps for users to use, and more productivity tools are expected.
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On January 9, 2007, at the Macworld conference held at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, USA, Jobs delivered the most incredible keynote speech of his life, which is also the most fantastic conference in the history of consumer electronics. At the press conference, Jobs released the first-generation iPhone. Since then, the iPhone’s smartphone dynasty has begun. 

It is precise because of the previous success of the iPhone that when “One more thing” appeared on the big screen on June 5, 2023, people knew that the appearance of Apple Vision Pro was about to lead a new wave of technological trends.

1. What new technologies does Vision Pro bring?

The entire body of Vision Pro includes 12 cameras, five sensors, and two 4K Micro OLED displays, which solves the current problems of frame drop and dizziness in many XRs. In Apple’s presentation, it described a very bright future for us. Vision Pro can change communication, writing, work, entertainment, and other scenarios. When immersed in Vision Pro (such as watching a movie), the Micro OLED screen will hide your eyes through the external halo change effect. In addition, Vision Pro adopts the new operating system VisionOS, which has a dedicated application store. For people who wear glasses, Apple and Zeiss have customized optical inserts, which can be magnetically attached to the lenses to meet people’s needs, such as myopia. In terms of battery life: Vision Pro does not have a built-in battery but is powered by an external battery that can provide 2 hours of battery life.

Moreover, the EyeSight system can capture the user’s facial expression in real-time. When someone approaches, it can automatically display the user’s face on the screen. Vision Pro can accurately capture facial expression changes through the face tracking camera and eye movement camera inside the device.

2. Can Vision Pro help us work better ?

The emergence of Vision Pro will significantly promote the popularization of telecommuting. With the help of Vision Pro, desktop computers are no longer needed for office work, and regions no longer restrict the interaction between people. With VR, you can work anywhere.

The arrival of Vision Pro will subvert the working mode of human beings in the future. After waking up every morning with Vision Pro, you can have breakfast at your favorite places worldwide, watch the news you want to watch while having breakfast, or even visit the news scene in person through virtual interaction. After breakfast, you don’t have to drive to the company; you can sit anywhere at home and enter the office mode with Vision Pro. Unlike traditional office methods, you only need to cooperate with your eyes and fingers to complete a day’s work through a virtual screen. It is worth noting that when Apple officially announced the Vision Pro AR device at WWDC 2023, Microsoft, the best contributor to Apple’s ecosystem, also prepared applications for the Vision Pro AR device, including Word, Excel, and Teams. Then we believe a series of Microsoft productivity applications will be adapted to Vision Pro.

3. Vision Pro's privacy protection for users.

Vision Pro incorporates many machine learning technologies, including AI models, to predict your body and brain state, such as the degree of concentration on current affairs and whether your attention is distracted, measured and judged based on the user’s eye movement data, heart rate, muscle activity, blood pressure, brain blood density, and other data. Then, how to ensure the security of these private data will become a difficulty that Apple needs to overcome. In terms of user privacy, Vision Pro will abandon the password login in the PC era or the fingerprint and face recognition methods in the smartphone era and instead adopt a more secure biometric approach – iris recognition with Optic ID. It is understood that Optic can be used for Apple Pay or Apple Store to download applications. The data is encrypted and bound to the device; only the security verification program can access it.

In addition, Apple has also implanted a variety of privacy protection measures into Vision Pro, such as the surrounding video data of the user’s space, which will involve personal privacy, and these data will be isolated and processed separately in the background of the device.

4. Be the next generation of success.

History is always surprisingly similar. As one of the industry leaders, Apple has once again launched devices that can influence the trend of the times. More than ten years ago, when Steve Jobs said, “One more thing,” many people did not realize that it would change the lives of countless people. Now that we see the arrival of Vision Pro, we should be aware of the vast opportunities that come with Vision Pro: the independent App Store needs enough Apps for users to use, and more productivity tools are expected. Vision Pro has almost unlimited potential for us to develop, but a stricter privacy system will keep more people out. Only those prepared can seize this opportunity and become the next generation of success.

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