Our “ Secret Sauce

In Shinetech, we don't assign our developers to projects, instead, our developers choose the projects they want to work on

Shinetech believes that this system is what helped us stay in business for over 18 years and why we have a very high retention rate with both employees and clients.

1) First Contact

After you contact us we aim to get back to you the same day, we will collect your projects initial needs and begin our journey. We can communicate through email, video conference or good old fashion phone call.

2)Getting to know you

We will arrange a meeting with you and one of our talented project managers to learn about the full scope and scale of your software needs. Our project managers are very experienced and can offer deep insight and understand your needs to help avoid early mistakes

3) Rally the team!

We internally post your requirements (required skills, type of project etc…) to our 500+ developers from across the globe, they will evaluate your needs and show their interest in your project. We only divulge information on a need to know basis on a secure platform.

4)Meet the team

The tech team will meet you at the very beginning, we don’t middle manage the conversation between you and the tech team. We will gather the team and allow you to review their CV’s + prices so you can judge if they’re the right match for your project, we can even set up video meetings so you can really get to know who you will be working with.

5) Soft Start

Once you are satisfied with our understanding of the project and the proposed developers, we can start. We understand making a decision is hard sometimes, so we made our agreements soft. We offer two months’ cost refund if you think you didn’t select the right team and decide to change to another one.

6)Iterate, improve and scale

We develop according to a strict agile methodology. We will meet with you every week (at a minimum) to present the weeks sprint progress, and make sure the team is on track and the projects requirements are met. At any time you can augment the team or requirements and we can adapt accordingly.

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