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Qualified China Developers Help Build Your Confidence in Project Success

Whether you are in need of hiring offshore developers to expand your in-house development capabilities, or you have had poor experience working with other developers before and currently looking for a more capable team to redo your projects. Our experienced and talented developers will work as a seamless extension of your IT departments and  help you get started or continue from where left off.

With Shinetech, you can work with developers who are not only experts in their technical domain to consistently deliver high quality code, but also dedicated and efficient to offer solutions for the problems you encountered. They will collaborate closely with you to develop the software applications that can help you quickly solve problems and make your project a success. 



With the experience working with 1000+ clients since it’s foundation in 2001, as well as the difficulties ever encountered, Shinetech deeply understand:

Valuable software development service is much more than just programming by following instructions, but is to provide solutions that can solve clients’ problems. And "the developers focus on building quality into deliverable" is the most important factor to achieve this goal.

Shinetech has started agile practices since 2006, by creating an open, collaborative and inspiring work culture and environment, we aim at motivating our developers to focus more on problem-solving abilities instead of simple software programming. With 10+ years practices by working with different types of clients’ needs, they have grown to be “agile developers” who possess business perspective and focus on problem solving for clients instead of the “traditional programmers” who only do the job by finishing the tasks assigned.


Work Proactively

  • Bearing business perspective in mind: for any requirements, before directly jumping into the programming, our developers will first communicate closely with you to learn more background information, and then suggest if the requirements are reasonable, or a new requirement should be brought up.
  • Quick response to any of your requests and provide solutions for the problems you met.
  • Continuous learning of new technologies or searching for even better ways to implement your requests or facilitate the problems solving process so that to deliver Customer Satisfaction.
  • Self-managed and dedicated to your project to continuously deliver high quality work.

Close Communication

We understand how important the close communication is for making sure the requests' accuracy, and for building a positive and constructive partnership, so we adopt various forms of communication including emails, instant messages, teleconference call etc. to facilitate the process of mutual understanding.

100% Transparency and Honesty

 At Shinetech, each developer works for one client at a time. You’ll get to know all the progress and work results of each developer via project management tools and other online communication channels. Any technical or business problems met during the cooperation process will be communicated with you 100% honestly and transparently.

Technical Capacity

Shinetech professional technical capacity provides you access to the experts not always available in-house. Such as software developers expert in .Net, Java, PHPRuby on Rails, iOS/AndroidSharepoint, Front-end, web applicaiton, IoT, Python, etc.

Our agile developers has domain expertise and at least 5+ years of experience in their specific fields. They would work alongside you from the conception phase to final delivery, continuously evaluate and try the better development methods and frameworks to improve the system efficiency. Meanwhile, with the business perspective kept in mind, they can quickly understand your requirements and carefully consider the best technical options for you by aligning the requirements with your business needs.  

Large Talent Pool

Our 450+ offshore developers are located across 21 development centers in China and 7 regional offices in New York, London, Sydney, Vancouver and Karlstad. They have experience with most modern programming languages and technology stacks and can work on a wide variety of projects, including enterprise systems and applications for desktop, web and mobile.

Find out more about Shinetech's offerings. Contact us to discuss your requirements and learn more about our software development services.



Terry Shi
Senior .NET Developer
Joined Shinetech in 2010


Gary Gao
Senior ROR Developer
Joined Shinetech in 2011


Tyler Tan
Senior QA & Automate Testing Specialist
Joined Shinetech in 2012



We know it is not easy to choose an outsourcing partner. Over 50% of our business comes from clients who have had poor experience working with other development teams and want us to redo their projects, or take over from where left off. Let’s start from 1 developer to see whether Shinetech is the right partner in your mind:

  • Make a contact and Sales Representative will recommend candidates according to your needs;
  • Select one developer from recommended CVs;
  • Take a one-week free trial with the chosen developer to evaluate the   development efficiency, communication skills and our working method;
  • If the developer is a good fit for your requirement, then we'll move into the full contract period with him and start the formal cooperation;
  • Continuous quality delivery and adding more developers as per your requirements.

Please contact us to learn more about our services.


Free Trial

Try a candidate developer and evaluate his communication skills and work efficiency

Money Refund

Latest iteration (two weeks at most) will be waived if client is not satisfied with the deliverables

Easy Cancellation

The contract can be cancelled within 10 working days if client is not satisfied with the work

Switch Members

Change a team members, we offer a knowledge transfer period of 10 working days, free of charge