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Augment your development team by hiring open-source experts with Shinetech. Our tried-and-tested model for implementing open-source technologies is guaranteed to help you achieve the business results you expect. Even better – Shinetech dedicated developers will help you navigate through the open-source technology and assist you in making the right choice for your business.

Shinetech open source development approach

Shinetech dedicated developers do things differently when it comes to open-source technology. How? There are three main reasons why Shinetech dedicated developers stand out, and we like to call it our ‘Secret Sauce’. Here is how it works.

Value-first, not software-first

Our developers are experts in their respective fields, and besides developing software, they can also provide in-depth, insightful information about utilizing and implementing a particular open-source solution. Moreover, our dedicated developers use a value-first approach when starting a project – they strive to understand your business and all its intricate parts so that they can advise on the solution that is potentially the best for your specific case. By going down this path, we make sure you always receive valuable software that will be a perfect fit for your business, regardless if it’s proprietary software, open-source, or a hybrid of both.

The developer you start with remains until the end of the project

In Shinetech, the developers are the ones who choose which projects they will work on; they aren’t placed on projects by project managers. This means that the dedicated developer you start with will remain to work with you from the first call until the end of the project. This practice is vital to establish transparency, directness, and a sense of trust between the customer and Shinetech dedicated developers. Also, the fact that the developer chooses you means we won’t interfere in your open-source project or change developers mid-development.

Why this kind of approach?

Our whole approach to software development is based on bringing the most value to the customer, often revealing the best options during our exploratory calls and free trial. To reach that goal, we seek to understand your business, your software, the challenges you’re facing, and the problems you’re solving. For these reasons, we assess the whole situation first. There are excellent solutions on both sides, but which one fits you the best? That’s what we strive to discover early on.

The value-first approach allows our dedicated developers to determine if going with open source will be the best option for you; here, they can take a step back and see how their suggestions can impact your business as a whole.

Our open-source tech stack

Shinetech dedicated developers possess a wide range of knowledge tied to open source technology. Below are some groups of open source tools we are proficient in. Although the list is extensive, it is not complete since our developers strive to learn more tools and techniques as time passes. If you don’t see a specific technology listed here, don’t hesitate to reach out anyway; we can always share our expertise and contribute to your project!

Why hire open-source developers with Shinetech?

So, you decided to work with our dedicated developers for your open-source project. Great! Here is what you can
expect from our cooperation.

You get a stable team of software development experts with 5-10 years of experience
60% of developers have been with Shinetech for over 10 years
90% of Shinetech developers have been with us for more than 5 years
All our dedicated developers have an equal saying when developing software and creating new solutions
Our teams have a flat structure since all our dedicated developers are self-motivated
We are rigorously transparent– you will know what exactly our dedicated developers are working on at any given time
We implement DevOps, CI/CD, and strict Agile methodologies to develop software quickly and efficiently. These methodologies allow us to develop, test, and implement solutions at a pace that fits your business
Shinetech dedicated developers start by understanding your business first, not by providing all features in an open source platform. Development begins from resolving your
business pain points
You get to interview all developers to ensure they are the right fit for your project. You also discuss all details with them, and should you need an NDA signed before any deep conversations, we will be happy to oblige

These are the reasons why our customers get stable teams when working with Shinetech and come back when they start a new project. However, if you’re still not convinced our methods are the right fit for you, we have a one-week free trial where you can work with our dedicated developer, all free of charge. That way, you can see firsthand how our developers get the job done.

Open source case studies

Enterprise portal development
Beverage inventory development
Raspberry Pi case study
Customer profile:
A medium-sized award-winning energy solution and service provider from the UK. They needed a bespoke ERP mobile app that would facilitate their growth and drastically increase customer experience by providing all available information to field engineers. Their previous ERP system was slowly becoming obsolete and wasn’t fulfilling their needs. To make matters more complex, they didn’t exactly know what features the new system should have.
Enterprise portal development - open source - interface screenshot

When the client approached us with their unique challenge, they had a broad idea of what they needed, and the challenges their new ERP system should solve. Our free trial offer (to cooperate for 1 week, free of charge) and all our discussions also inspired the client to share their knowledge and data from their ERP system, explain their business model to us, and illustrate the new circumstances that made their system obsolete.

Once we understood the client’s pain points, we suggested Apache OFBiz as the starting framework. By assessing the client’s business model, current ERP system, and size and position within the industry, we proposed OFBiz, believing it would be a great fit due to its customizability, OOTB features, and no license costs. Therefore, we started our free trial by building several features with OFBiz, and after one week, we presented our prototype to the client. Upon seeing the working prototype, the client decided to go with our suggested solution.

Results: Shinetech developers deployed a reliable, scalable, and effective ERP system that achieved all client’s goals. Through Agile methodology, we updated their ERP system while having no negative impact on their business model. The client shifted all responsibility around the system to Shinetech and further expanded the team. With a larger development team now dedicated to this project, we continue to work on the client’s growing IT requirements, system optimization and UX.

Customer profile:
A company that produces canned foods, condiments, and beverages. They needed a custom ERP system to track sales, distribution, inventory, maintenance, and various different processes. The client provided a very detailed list of requirements. Having seen the requirements and discussed the details, we both agreed that Moqui framework would be the best fit.
Beverage inventory case study - open source technology

Approach: When we discussed the specifics with the client, we noticed that they needed all systems to be both semi-independent and to synchronize with each other with no downtime. Some of the processed data also needed to be accessible via a mobile app so that the managers could check invoices, deliveries, catalogs, orders, and returns on the go.

Having discussed the client’s business model, expectations, and previous solutions they implemented, we agreed that Moqui would be the best fit due to its customizability, data control, and streamlined workflow. Moqui was also the best fit because we didn’t need to heavily customize the code to incorporate the client’s needs and requirements.

Customer profile:
A Chinese-based activity management company. They needed to digitize their whole accessing, tacking, and queuing systems and unify them into one monitoring system. Before approaching our team, the client did everything manually – from recording the number of customers they had for every activity, tracking the customers on the premises via hand bands, and recording the data for each session. They wanted to upgrade their service with NFC and barcode technology as well as streamline their processes, so they turned to Shinetech for help.
IoT open source schematic

Approach: The client came to us with a broad set of requirements, challenges, and issues they were facing. They were looking to create a highly specialized system that could perform all work they did manually, the most important being scanning NFC tags and measuring different data. When Shinetech team analyzed their requirements, we understood we could create a prototype based on Raspberry Pi since it would be able to perform all actions required by the client. Our initial idea was to create a prototype, present it to the client, and then build custom product that will fit the client’s business.

But when they saw our Pi prototype, they decided to go with it and not build any custom PCB boards nor productize their prototype to sell to others. So, we improved the prototype and added some new features per the client’s request – a rudimentary, waterproof camera, humidity and movement sensors, etc. – and added an encasing to keep everything together.

The client implemented our solution into their business and they’re still operating it. Currently, we are adding new features into the monitoring system and maintaining their system through regular updates.

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