Health Care

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Health Care

In more than ten years, Shinetech has developed numerous health care related software for the customers of the United States, Australia, Britain, Austria, Canada and other countries and thus accumulated a wealth of experience in this industry, including:

• Home care system/health care management system for the elderly;

• Data collection and analysis system for medical and health organizations;

• Medical institution and enterprise information management system: Product information release and user health information collection;

• Hospital task management system: Work arrangements and records of medical staff;

• Electronic medical record and personal health tracking record, etc;

Project Experience

Maintenance and Upgrading of Sales Management System

Founded in 1941, the customer is a high-tech company specialized in R&D of medial devices and also one of the top 500 companies in the United States. Shinetech helped its Asia Pacific Office achieve the migration and integration of the sales system, while optimizing the existing functions and adding new features.

Medical Care System

Secure Medical, Inc. (SMI) is a technology company focused on remote health care system and self-service equipment informatization solutions. In 2009, Shinetech established an Offshore Development Center (ODC) to work with the customer’s engineers. So far, the partnership has been kept for years and the ODC has already grown into a stable team of six members.

Nursing Information Management System for the Elderly

The system is designed to provide convenient home care services for the elderly. Old people browse through the system and reserve the services of the nursing agency. The guardian uses the system to conduct information management for the elderly who needs to be taken care of, browse the elderly’s reservation order and recharge his/her account, etc. The nursing agency can process all reservations through the software, confirm service time with the elderly by phone and manage service charges, etc.

Operation Information Management System for Hospitals

This program is a touch-screen system specially developed for a hospital, mainly used to manage the hospital, departments, physicians and patients and record operation information, etc. The operation information includes patient information, type of operation, time of operation, current physician, operation video recording and the whole operation process recording as well as picture capture during operation.


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Shinetech Guarantee

  • The cost of the latest iteration (two weeks at most) will be waived if client is not satisfied with the deliverables and notifies Shinetech within one week.

  • The contract can be cancelled within 10 working days if client is not satisfied with the work.

  • If for any reason team member needs to be switched, we offer a knowledge transfer period of 20 working days, free of charge, for the leader and 10 working days for the engineer.