Microservices Development Outsourcing


Based on years of experience in education and training industry, Shinetech offers custom software development services for education and training institutions targeting at solving clients' operation or management problems, while enhancing their competitiveness:

Marketing and sales management: Customize overall marketing solutions and sales staff communication solutions for you to fundamentally solve market task management and sales communication shortcomings and to achieve effective management from the market, source of students to communication;

Internal informatization management: In view of the particularity within the education industry, we conduct targeted R&D on student information management, teaching affairs administration, campus and faculty management systems for training schools and effectively integrate student and teacher resources;

Internal resource management: Control books, gifts, audition classes, audio materials to truly guarantee there are sources to check and whereabouts to follow;

Online education: Facing the rise of online teaching, we can offer you custom development of online education platform, on which students can access to online VOD and view live resources ,etc;

Home-school system: Facing the lack of communication between the school and the parents, home-school interaction, parents’ meeting, event invitation and other modules are built to let parents learn about the situation of their children at school just via mobile phone and completely solve communication shortcomings;

Online exam and evaluation system: Customize online exam and education evaluation system. Students can conduct online evaluation, and the results will be generated immediately, thus solving cumbersome process of traditional education industry in making out and correcting test papers.

Custom solutions on preschool education management and youth education & training management.

Case Studies

Educational Resource Management Platform For a Management Consulting Company Involved in the Training Industry

This educational resource management platform is a leading SAAS platform for education internet industry and one of the most powerful platforms in the education industry, covering nearly 30 functional modules such as school management, school affairs management (ERP system), customer relationship management (CRM system), office administration, market management, class management, student management, HR management, administrative management, financial management, project management, online teaching system (O2O), examination system, teaching system, microsite, micro scenario, assignment system, question answering system, forum, circle, IM system, online store (OS), home-school system (HS), books management system, student development archive, member points system, decision-making analysis system, and can provide one-stop digital solutions for training institutions and kindergartens.

Information System Platform For an Education and Training Company

The customer is a senior investment company involved in the English education and training industry. The platform provides informatization solutions for the education and training industry with source of students, marketing, plan, task and other aspects that the industry is most concerned about as the breakthrough point. Meanwhile, such information as student information, parent information, curriculum arrangement and human resources within the industry are managed. The interaction between the school and the parents is built through the information platform and the front-end market and the back-end educational administration are connected to establish a link between the school and the parents.

Management System for an English Training Institution

The customer is a well-known English education and training brand in China, in addition to the management of traditional aspects such as internal curriculum, educational administration, home-school interaction, we pay more attention to the management of charges, including the usage of fees paid by education receivers, remaining class hours. Our system allows the engagement between students and educational institutions closer and allows the business between educational institutions and schools more transparent.

Educational Evaluation System

Targeting at preschool education industry, the system is used for integrated management of source of kindergarten students, development process, diet as well as the information on physiology, psychology and education of children that kindergartens and parents are concerned about. By analyzing particular children, acquiring the children’s psychological development trend and providing targeted guidance, the parents can acquire the babies’ situation in the kindergarten in the first place and understand the babies’ psychological development.


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Shinetech Guarantee

  • The cost of the latest iteration (two weeks at most) will be waived if client is not satisfied with the deliverables and notifies Shinetech within one week.

  • The contract can be cancelled within 10 working days if client is not satisfied with the work.

  • If for any reason team member needs to be switched, we offer a knowledge transfer period of 20 working days, free of charge, for the leader and 10 working days for the engineer.