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With the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce is undoubtedly the wave rider of this surge, it has not only changed the rhythm of the times but also the lifestyle of many people. Shinetech provides customers with tailored e-commerce solutions according to their specific needs, including cost, time, product and target, etc.

We have already built e-business platform for many companies from the world’s top 500 to small start-ups, involving the projects of different sizes in electronic products, FMCG, auto & spare parts, luxury goods, agriculture and other fields, and accumulated a wealth of custom development experience in such links as account management, product display, shopping cart management, trading platform, inventory management, logistics tracking and evaluation system.


For online transaction demands of small businesses, the development is carried out based on free open source e-commerce system Magento which is known for its flexibility, convenience and speed

Time advantage: short, adaptable and fast, easy to develop, the development cycle for small projects is 20 days or so.

Technology advantage: the engineers averagely have 5-8 years of working experience, familiar with e-commerce and be able to solve reasonable demands of customers.

Experience advantage: experience accumulated from multiple Magento projects, all of which are successful projects (mostly American and Australian projects, through which advanced concepts and forward-looking practices abroad can be used for reference).

Advantage in working mode: the development is faster and more efficient by taking demand communication and software optimization as preconditions in the process. Being transparent and open makes sure that Magento’s adaptive adjustment can be effectively accelerated so that the platform will be put into use quickly.


Ofbiz system is a complete and mature open source ERP system that can be adopted by medium-sized or even large enterprises. It is used to build integrated and enterprise-level e-commerce site

Ofbiz system includes online store, inventory, order, sales, accounting, human resource, project management and other modules, its database model covers more than 80% of common enterprise businesses and can easily cope with various changes.

The core members of Shinetech OFBiz Team have more than ten years of development experience, they are capable of quickly providing solutions tailored to your needs and completing software implementation by means of agile development in a very short time.

Project experience

e-Commerce platforms for client’s Asia-Pacific headquarters

Client is one of the world's top 500 IT companies, founded in the late 1930s in California. In 2015, Shinetech built a brand new e-commerce website client’s China headquarters. The website and its backend sales and marketing system were run successfully in three months. The core function modules of Magento were all applied; 30-40 % of secondary functions were used.

We are now building e-commerce websites for client’s India headquarters, Thailand headquarters and Indonesia headquarters.

E-commerce Service Platform for Auto Parts

The customer is a German based company, which was founded in the 1880s; the scope of its business involves auto technology, industrial technology, consumer goods and building technology, etc., with over 230,000 employees spreading across more than 50 countries. As its business develops, the company needs a service platform to manage and control the channel and use of auto parts, thus regulating the order of the market.


Let us show you the benefits of a relationship with Shinetech. Share with us a specific requirement such as a module or function point that needs further development. Then try our services risk-free for one week. You'll learn about our working methods, development efficiency, and other capabilities—all before signing a final contract. Start a trial project now, risk free.

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Shinetech Guarantee

  • The cost of the latest iteration (two weeks at most) will be waived if client is not satisfied with the deliverables and notifies Shinetech within one week.

  • The contract can be cancelled within 10 working days if client is not satisfied with the work.

  • If for any reason team member needs to be switched, we offer a knowledge transfer period of 20 working days, free of charge, for the leader and 10 working days for the engineer.