Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Mobile Application Development

As early as smartphones cut a figure in 2008, Shinetech has set up its own mobile application development center by relying on its European and American markets. Over the past nine years, the center has developed and expanded along with the mobile internet, today, the center offers one-stop service from user experience strategy consulting, interface design to custom development.


The Internet takes "user experience (UX)" as the king, therefore we are equally convinced of the importance of UX. With strong strength in the field of software technology, Shinetech has gradually established its perspective and ability in interactive design and visual design, and by adequate study of the market and users in combination with business requirements and technical feasibility, Shinetech has brought innovative and sustainable solutions as well as smooth and enjoyable app experience for its customers.

Over the past seven years, we have accumulated a wealth of project experience from different industries, including education, business, travel, social networking, entertainment, sports, music, finance, news, health care, photography and product display, etc.