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Legacy System Solutions

Help transform your legacy systems from obstacle to competitive advantage

With the rapid pace of technological innovation, you might find that your software or applications have become outdated, inefficient, difficult to use, costly to update and maintain or simply insufficient for your business needs. All issues which can affect performance, reliability and scalability. A more robust, modern solution may help improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiencies or allow you to expand to new markets.

Shinetech helps to upgrade/modernize your legacy enterprise systems to meet the ever-growing customer expectations and emerging businesses by adopting the latest technologies.

How to deal with it

Simplifying the application and environment by using modern platforms and cloud-based services. Programming in new, clean code can reduce complexity, especially if past updates have been done on the fly.

  • Legacy application to the latest technologies

  • Refactoring custom applications

  • Programming language migration

Replacing an entire application or just certain parts to meet new business requirements. The solution may also include the addition of new features and interfaces, or integrating functionality from several existing applications into one new system. 

  • Application architecture and design

  • Web interfaces and portals

  • Mobile applications

  • Upgrade of software components

In most situations, we do not suggest clients to replace/retire the old systems in one step, but take an evolution view to settle the problem from reusing the systems.

See below some of the solutions we have ever made for clients:

Maintain the backend data, and rebuild a new frontend system that applies the current business logic and provides the right user experience.
Modernize the old system to modern technologies if there is no significant change in the business logic.
Apply the current business logic step by step in the old legacy system, and simultaneously retire the most problem-ridden parts of the system over time.
Build a wrapper that brings the required business logic around the old system. It retains the stability while eliminating the risks and difficulty in breaking the system.

After full consideration about risks, security, price, and time factors, we may suggest you to take one of the solutions above or provide a new solution that is unique and tailored to your scenarios.


Quickly Connect Client's Legacy Systems to Web and Mobile Channels

The client is one of the top home furnishing solution providers & manufacturers in the US. In order to meet the evolving customer needs and promote business growth, the client needs to upgrade its garage system and fence system to a modern development language. With Shinetech, they are able to connect their legacy systems to web and mobile channels and enable its customers to place an order anywhere such as in a car or at home, and not necessarily going to the store to order on the kiosk.


Help Client Minimize Risks By Upgrading Legacy System Instead of Ditching It

The client provides a platform for online education. When the client first contacted us, they requested to rebuild a new platform from scratch. But after several rounds of communication, we realized rebuilding is unrealistic since the platform had millions of users and the time-to-market was urgent. So instead of rebuilding applications from scratch, we suggested a solution of first modernizing the legacy system with iterative upgrades and user experience improving, and at the same time, developing and integrating the newly emerged requirements triggered by the market needs. Now, we have an ODC team of 7 people working on client's multiple needs.

Why Shinetech

Open and Close Communication
Shinetech deeply understands the importance of open and close communication for legacy system upgrading projects. Our develpers always are encouraged to communicate with you honestly and openly to learn your problems, business logics, and development needs.
Rich experience in business digital transformation
Most legacy system requirements derive from the urge of business transformation. We know the specialty and complexity the legacy system connecting to business and know how to deal with it.
User-centered design and development
Shinetech considers user experience as one of the project success criteria, so we do user-centered design and development and take feedback from users to make adjustments in the system.
Onsite + offshore combined delivery model
We have built offices all across the US. The offices provide resources like Product Manager, Tech Lead, Architect etc. who can work at your site to have a close communication with you and gain a deep understanding of your current business logic and legacy system problems, while at the same time, they will maintain a close communication with the offshore developers in China to make the delivery on time and within budget.

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