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Remote work-- bringing work to life
Remote work is a way of integrating work into life, rather than building life on the basis of work. In Euramerican countries, it has become a trend.
There are many benefits of working remotely: more freedom over schedules and work from anywhere, long time to focus on the work itself - which is difficult to achieve in offices. Some ...
Shinetech Agile Delivery
Do you know what is the number one thing that employees want most at work? It is that they matter.
Jerry had shared an article last week that reflected on a change that is happening in companies where traditional management methods are being changed to a more people-focused approach ...
Something You Don't Know about ODC Service
For our company, ODC projects accounts for a large proportion of our business. But does every one of us have a correct and proper understanding of ODC project? I do not think so, which is why I am writing this article and to share my understanding of ODC. In this article, our engineers can learn what ODC is; and on the other hand, our customers can ...
Discussion about Shinetech’s Value
Last month, we had some discussions with the Shinetech branch managers and they have put forward some questions on our mission and vision.
• If our mission is to promote the developers, and this could be a relatively clear direction for the company's management team, what should the developers do?...
The Importance of the Project Leader
It has been a long time since I have received this request to write an article about the importance of the project leader in software development project management. Before expounding on this subject, first, I would like to clarify the two words in the title. One is Management. It is often regarded as taking charge of the people: authority. The other is Leader...
Confused "Agile"
Agile is not just a methodology, it’s a kind of attitude or philosophy for thinking and doing things.
The reason that our company no longer emphasizes agile is because we found most people view it as a process, and go into the wrong direction. What's agile? Simply put, agile means everyone in the team working independently and creatively.
My Journey from an Alpha Geek to a Solution Focused Advisor
All developers have deep pride in their work, or at least strive for it. This is why I've always aimed to be the most technically adept and knowledgeable person in the Shinetech workgroup.
Agile is Not Just a Development Method
Developers with no Agile mindset performing Agile development would be a disaster. That's why it is hard for Chinese and Indian companies adopting Agile in their software projects.
How to Make the Most of Agile?
Interview with a Scrum Master.
Agile development methods have many benefits; adaptability to changes, close collaboration with stakeholders and improved efficiency being the most valued ones. But how do you make sure your project is really taking full advantage of Agile, and not just being agile on the surface?
Using DDD Approach to Create a Scalable Workforce Solution
We pride ourselves in helping our clients tackle even their most complex software development challenges. We want to deliver solutions that solve business problems and create value for our client. For years we have been using many excellent software practices in our projects, such as SCRUM, Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Continuous Integration (CI).