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Close communication, agile development, solid grasp of your business domain, fast & quality delivery-Shinetech is a leading software development company that helps you overcome the challenges of emerging business and ultimately actualize your business goals.


Self Storage Management System

Over the years since, we've eliminated our work with any other development companies and because of their high quality work, do business exclusively with Shinetech. They have made the tenuous balance of running a hybrid onshore /offshore solution easy to achieve.


Leon and his team were responsible for developing our software system and the hardware integration. His technical knowledge, leadership and experience working in software technology has been impressive. The team are talented, efficient, dedicated and extremely resourceful, they have developed a system which is adaptable to any industry.


The attention to detail as well as suggested enhancements that exceed requirements continue to impress. I am delighted with the professionalism and the high standard of work provided that has facilitated a transformation in our systems, and enhances our capacity to grow our service based business.Good communication is essential and in this the Shinetech developers excel...

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All developers have deep pride in their work, or at least strive for it. This is why I’ve always aimed to be the most technically adept and knowledgeable person in the Shinetech workgroup.
Developers with no Agile mindset performing Agile development would be a disaster. That’s why it is hard for Chinese and Indian companies adopting Agile in their software projects.
For our company, ODC projects accounts for a large proportion of our business. But does every one of us have a correct and proper understanding of ODC project?

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