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IoT Development Service From China

Shinetech provides clients with one-stop IoT custom development and solution design services. We have successfully provided high-quality development services to clients in agriculture, aquaculture, smart cities, smart living and other industries on a global scale, and helped them gain core competitiveness and establish a leading position in the industry.

Core Competence

Shinetech IoT R&D Team focuses on assisting traditional hardware manufacturers, small and medium-sized platform service providers to quickly build a stable, secure and controllable IoT platform, and then ultimately realize the upgrade and transformation of IoT. The Team consists of experienced IoT solution architects, electronics engineers proficient in hardware development, mobile development engineers, and cloud computing experts.

Hardware Devices Integration

Integrate devices by wired or wireless means; customize circuit boards and gateways to manage all devices.

Cloud Big Data Storage

Uniformly analyze the cloud data, sort & store the data from terminal devices to realize the big data foundation of IoT.

Data Analysis/ Calculation

Analyze and visualize the real-time data based on the big data algorithm, generate alarms and warning information.

Remote Intelligent Control

Remotely control & manage the devices via mobile/PC terminal; define rules to realize automatic interconnected control.

Service Domains


Improve agricultural irrigation methods and achieve fine agricultural management


Upgrade traditional aquaculture feeding methods, increase the farmers' incomes of aquatic product

Breeding Industry

Using IoT-related technologies to achieve high quality, automated cultivation

Case Study: Intelligent Farming System

The client is a farming services solution provider in Australia. It mainly serves the farmers located in Australia and New Zealand where the agriculture and animal husbandry is highly developed. While the high mechanization brings convenience to the farming, it also brings management difficulties of the large number of mechanical equipment and farm lands. Taking advantage of IoT (Internet of Things) could further upgrade the mechanized farming to the intelligent farming, and ultimately help realize the farm management informatization.

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Data Visualization

Real-time dynamic data collection, visual display

Energy Management

Intelligently link the energy ecosystem, improve safety and efficiency

Intelligent Logistics

Visually monitor the whole chain, improve logistics management efficiency

Case Study: Smart Air Purifier

Shinetech helped the client complete the circuit board design, the mobile application and cloud back-end development in a short period of time, enabling them to enter the market quickly and achieve good sales performance (8,000 sets sold) in the first three months. Its ease of use has been widely recognized by consumers. In addition, Shinetech’s agile development methodology enabled the project to be successfully completed within the client's budget.

Retail Catering

Plan smart and interconnected networks, create new business models

Community Management

Deploy an integrated management platform, enhance residents' well-being

Smart Home

Intelligently link home appliances, create a more comfortable living environment

Case Study: Smart Mattress

The client is an intelligent hardware manufacturer focuses on solving human sleep problems, such as sleep apnea. The client needs to build a smart mattress product to monitor and diagnose sleep apnea. Shinetech IoT R&D team had optimized the algorithms of data collection, filtering and analysis in the monitor board through the close cooperation with sensor suppliers, greatly improved the accuracy of monitoring and diagnosis. Our work also had laid a solid foundation for the long-term success of customers' "data-driven products" strategy.

Urban Governance

Coordinate administrators and infrastructures efficiently via big data to improve urban governance

Public Utilities

Provide reliable and efficient city services through IoT

Urban Transport

Take advantage of IoT technology to learn urban transport status in real time

Case Study: Smart Camp Pile of Water & Electricity

The Smart Camp Pile of Water & Electricity is an IoT product that provides electric charging and water-filling services for outdoor camping RVs and yachts. It provides electricity and water to in-transit tourists and community users 24 hours a day through 4G/NB-loT etc. connections. The main functions include: fine management of water and electricity consumption; automatic charging; GPS positioning and searching for the nearby camps; remote mobile reservations etc. The client had win new opportunities and occupied a leading technology and market position in the industry through the project.

Our Team

Kun Ren-IoT Architect, Consultant
Kun Ren
IoT Architect, Consultant


Leon Weng-Senior Project Manager, Product Manager
Leon Weng
Senior Project Manager, Product Manager


Harvey Pang-Embedded Hardware & Software Engineer
Harvey Pang
Embedded Hardware & Software Engineer


Harry Duan-IT Consultant, Senior Project Manager
Harry Duan
IT Consultant, Senior Project Manager


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