Working Together: Support the
Development of Grassroot Sports

The client commissioned Shinetech to build an online sports platform that connects and rewards people globally, helping them manage their sports life, through mobile, web, and live events. It’s core product: Basketball Mobile App aims to connect grassroot players as well as professional teams and let them organize a match and search for a place to play.

Project Highlights

  • The complex legacy system was tidied up with clean code.
  • With the successful migration to a modern cloud computing platform, the cost of infrastructure has been reduced significantly by 52%.
  • Users worldwide are able to access the application freely to organise basketball activities, build connections with other peers and manage their own profile within seconds.
  • A robust DevOps methodology was nurtured during the development process.
  • A scalable database with great flexibility of customisation.
  • A flexible cloud migration solution with other good integration capabilities.

The Objectives

As the old platform was developed by multiple teams, their IT mushroomed to a number of different systems, applications and redundant processes. Additionally, the whole system is fragmented and outdated due to the lack of maintenance and unestablished standard coding guideline. More importantly, with a vast growth of worldwide users recently, the client would like to search for a reliable cloud computing solution with better scalability of data usage.

Shinetech Software was approached to participate in the whole lifecycle of its core product development process and helped the client identify the following changes that should be made:

  • Analyse the current infrastructure and suggest the solution for legacy system migration.
  • Enhance the IT systems whilst lower the cost of operation and data usage.
  • Streamline the development and deployment process by adopting DevOps methodology.
  • Give business great flexibility so it can be easily scaled up in a cost-effective way.
  • Establish robust monitoring, data backup and disaster recovery strategies to reduce server downtime.

The Challenges

  • Replacement of the old aging and fragmented system.
  • Select a well-established public cloud platform to align with client’s business objective for “Going global”.
  • Build up a standard development process by adopting DevOps methodologies.
  • Develop an internal training strategy to facilitate the adoption process of cloud computing.
  • Coordinate with many third parties such as payment suppliers and geolocation API providers to fulfil the objectives of API integration.

The Process

Starting with infrastructure analysis, our cloud specialist looked into its IT systems and initiated business analysis activities to understand client’s business goals as well as business process. With a strong focus on sustainability and the cost reduction, Amazon Web Services was chosen as the cloud solution due to its comprehensive pricing and scalability. Shinetech team, comprising 1 AWS specialist and 2 senior full stack developers leverage their cloud computing knowledge into four areas and build a stable, secure and cost-effective cloud migration solution. Integrating DevOps methodology, the application was transformed into the cloud-based system successfully within just 4 months.

Cloud Computing: Amazon EC2

Database: Amazon RDS

Migration Services: AWS Database Migration & AWS Server Migration

Networking & Content Delivery: Amazon VPC

The Results

Working closely with the client for only 7 months, the outcome of this future-proof cloud solution is impressive. The services are paid on demand; The database is proactively monitored; Users can access the application from all over the world within seconds.


Annual savings in development cost


Project Implementation Period


Deployment period Vs. 1 week previously


Registered users worldwide

Shinetech Team

The Future

More secure, faster and scalable.

With the application hosted on a highly secure and reliable cloud platform, the data is encrypted and safely stored with automatic cloud backup storage. Additionally, the AWS cloud infrastructure ensures that the data is proactively monitored and managed by providing additional protection against downtime. Client now has a truly scalable, streamlined and integrated IT infrastructure to maximize the performance whilst reducing the cost with service on demand. Having a clear picture of ambitious growth, client is ready to expand its business worldwide. Shinetech still works as its trusted service partner, managing its entire IT infrastructure and systems in the next two years. The partnership enables the client to focus on delivering the best-in-class mobile app to customers and become the industry leader in support of the development of grassroot sports.