Shinetech built a resource management system for a ortune 500 global service provider

Development of a Mobile Application for Race Track Enthusiasts

Shinetech built a mobile application
for race track enthusiasts


Microsoft Azure, ASP.Net/MVC,
WPF, Kendo UI/Telerik,
javascript/jQuery, SQL Server

"What keeps us coming back to Shinetech is their ability to deliver high-quality development, hassle-free communications and excellence in problem solving. We know that we can depend on them to provide the right resources and expertise for the task at hand. We consider Shinetech to be the professional outsourcing partner for our development needs—no matter how big or complex the project.."

--Alex Plasa


Avant Garde is an interactive digital design company located in Central London. The company's services range from web and print design to 3D modeling and web hosting.


Avant Garde was looking for a partner to develop a smart, customized plan to create a data tracker and logger for racing enthusiasts. The UK-based company was inspired by personal experience to create an app that would combine powerful features with a sleek design. Requirements for the app included preloaded race track profiles, video logging, and visual telemetry analysis to provide insights for improved performance.

How We Work

Shinetech built an offshore development team with on-site project support to assist in product development. An experienced project leader in London, who also served as a business analyst, was assigned to work directly with Avant Garde, while also managing the development teams.

As part of the process, Shinetech began visiting various race tracks with the client to better understand user expectations and the user experience. In accordance with Agile practice, each developer on the Shinetech team was a project quality stakeholder and had a clear understanding of overall system objectives and project status.

Following the information-gathering phase, Shinetech's lead developers established the main app framework and architecture and developed the app modules. The teams had weekly meetings with Avant Garde to show demos, collect feedback, and define the next sprint and task. The project leader ensured both the onshore and offshore teams clearly understood the goals and requirements for the app, and were able to provide ideas and solutions through meaningful communication without language barriers.


The Track Day 'G' mobile app was released in early April 2016. The app incorporated a telemetry algorithm that tracks and analyzes users' race performance and calculates everything from speed and acceleration rate to G-force and slope. The app provides predictive lap timing reports, dynamic vehicle profiles, and a session data analysis summary, complete with graphs and satellite views.

Users can share and compare their results with others within the app and also through social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

This collaboration is just the beginning of a strong relationship between Shinetech and Avant Garde, who has expressed interest in working with the Shinetech team for the second development phase of this project.