Ecommerce Website and App Development to
Support Client's New Retail Business

Client and Requirement

Client is a sports goods retailer. It is a whole industry chain group integrating sports product design, R&D, production, and retail.

Client expected to boost the sportswear customization business by applying the new retail model. It would connect and integrate online and offline consumers and transactions, realize the reconstruction of people, goods and stores to solve the following problems:

Consumers end the transaction right after the purchase, there’s no any interaction or feedbacks between the consumers and the retailer (stores). They urgently needed to integrate the online channels for their traditional business.

Client's offline stores always grab traffic for the great locations, but suddenly they realized the competitors were not just from offline brands, but more from the online e-commerce platforms. The rapid growth of e-commerce industry makes the transformation imminent.

Shinetech needed to build an e-commerce website and a fitness app to provide strong support for client’s business transformation to new retail model.

How We Do

The main purpose of e-commerce website was to promote the development of sportswear customization business. Based on the requirements, Shinetech built a team of 7 team members. Three of the team members were responsible for e-commerce website development and business logic analysis, while the other 4 are responsible for 3D and 2D editor production. And our team’s main task was to realize the wireframe prototype provided by the client and solve the problems related to 2D and 3D.

With the smooth progress of e-commerce website, the client raised the needs of app development. As a traditional retailer who does not have its own technical staff, the client had no idea about what the app was going to be. So we first provided the consulting service. With the analysis of competitive landscape among 100+ various players on the crowded market including KEEP, NIKE+ etc. and the understanding of client’s business, we came up with a solution demonstrating how the client’s app can survive and succeed in the market. Then with the unanimous recognition of the solution, we built a 6 people app team composed of designers and developers. After a year of cooperation, the app was successfully delivered.

Agile Development

All the problems could be discussed and got resolved in time through the daily sharing and discussion meetings. Each member of the team was able to communicate independently with the client and provide professional support and services based on understanding of the client's business.

We used agile methods to facilitate a rapid development progress and a very responsive way to handle any requirements changes. The team ensured close collaboration with the client through regular reporting and prompt communication during the whole development progress, We discussed potential product requirements and explored different options while keeping up to the speed with the development, testing and maintenance.

Technical Challenges
High availability
with 99.95% SLA, 24*7 online
under protect from attacks
Data persistency and integrity
avoid data loss
when users grow, the system is scalable

Both the e-commerce website and app project were successfully delivered on time. At present, the client's online customization platform has been loved by more and more individuals and teams who are sport enthusiasts. They consider the platform a perfect choice for sportswear customization. The app has also become an assist to many sports enthusiasts, which has combined the client's products with the customer's actual experience.