Ecommerce Solution for a Global Enterprise

Client & project introduction

Client is one of the world’s top 500 IT companies, founded in the late 1930s in California. In 2015, Shinetech built a brand new e-commerce website for client’s China headquarters in 4 months and lead to the client’s brand sales in China increased 300%-400% at the same year. Afterwards, Shinetech was appointed as client’s global e-commerce solution provider and help the client successfully lunched the brand new e-commerce platform in 15+ countries in 3 years. Client’s business value double increased and spread rapidly worldwide in a short time.

Business background

In the latest five years, with strong technical basis and full service from Shinetech team, including software customization, DevOps service and the launch of Brand-new e-commerce platform solution, the client’s business value keeps continuously growing and realized rapid market expanding in a short time.

UX optimization
Intelligence guide

To improve user shopping experience, after customer segmentation, we designed a shopping guide AI applet to distinguish the audience is bulk purchase enterpriser or individual buyer, with simple guide question to collect information and help user to target cost-effective and high Integrating degree products and service.

Omnichannel Repo

To make sure the merchant’s Repo service for specified product running well for its users, combined its business running rules, we designed online quote and offline trading function for the platform.


Users can pre-purchase the products that are on sale but out of stock at the moment. Users will receive email or message notification about the product delivery time after payment.


This function provides a choice for users to do online purchase but take own delivery from offline experience store. Offline stores are displayed to users via online map so they can choose the most convenience or nearest store to take delivery. It saved transportation cost for the merchants and also gave them more chance to advertise more products to its customers and improve brand awareness.

Save Restock

For some kind of periodic products, it will trigger notification function when the surplus is lower than setting fault. Afterwords, system will start searching based on the collected information and replenish automatically.

Expansion Milestone

Turn the “impossible” into Reality! It only took 3 years since the first e-commerce website launched in the client’s headquarters in China till now the platform lunched in 15+ countries worldwide.

During the cooperation, our team gained deep trust from the client and delivered satisfied reports in every aspect, including the technical integration and business negotiation between client’s website and the third-party platforms in oversea e-commerce countries; customized solution to meet localization needs in different countries; the application of the latest technologies in E-commerce filed including but not limited to Magento.

Best global ecommerce expansion

In early 2019, Shinetech Magento team was nominated the candidate of the award “Best Global Commerce Expansion” at event MagentoImagine2019 which was hosted by Adobe (Magento). In May 2019, two representative of Shinetech was invited to attend the Award Ceremony in Las Vegas .