Digital Innovation of Human Capital Management

High staff turnover rate in hospitality industry has imposed a great challenge on the human resources management. Faced with difficulties of recruiting process automation and an increasing internal demand for efficient workforce planning, the client needed bespoke human resources tools to digitize the integral operation process and HR services in order to gain greater agility in human capital management and innovation. Shinetech Team has delivered an end-to-end real-time Recruiting and Workforce Planning solution by harnessing the advances in technology for the client.

The Client

The client is one of the largest travel agents operating in Scandinavian market. Each year, the client recruits several hundreds of people to work at its hotel and resort to provide services in guided tours, sailing, clubs, culinary and restaurants for over 30,000 guests in 14 own full-service hotels in 12 destinations across Europe. From hiring staff to managing their job rotation, the client had a fragmented operation landscape and paper-heavy process across different departments. The client therefore seeks a trusted software development partner for a bespoke consolidated solution.

The Objectives

  • Build a single source of HR system to streamline the recruitment and staff onboarding process.
  • Digitise the current job planning process in order to reduce manual mistakes and improve productivity.
  • Empower the hotel managers with a self-service tool to better map their workforce strategies and identify the right course of action.
  • Get an accurate picture of workforce plans so it aligns with business goals and daily operations.
  • Integrate the newly-built HR system into the integral organisational programme management eco system to reinforce the internal collaboration.

The Challenges

  • As the client operates across several European countries, the system needs to be consolidated into a single point of source and localised to accommodate the operations locally across those countries.
  • Due to the complexity of the existing workforce planning process and ever-changing HR / tax policies, the Shinetech team should always keep update with the policy changes and reflect them into the workforce planning tool accordingly.
  • For those non-tech-savvy users who do not follow the standard operation procedures when using the system, the instant support should be delivered immediately. This requires the fast responsiveness from the team and continuous guidance on operation.

The Process

Discovery & Advisory

Starting with conducting research on existing business process, end user operation procedures and organisational technical architecture, our tech lead firstly elicited business-technology requirements. Followed by the interviews with different user groups, our team were able to validate the users’ needs and requirements for system. By converting the written requirements into a prototype, the client was confident that the system could potentially improve the operation productivity and address many dynamic HR activities internally after seeing the prototype.

Design & Development

Taking a user-centric approach from the outset, the modules, functions and whole user journey were designed exactly on demand. During the development process, we adopted the Agile method to deliver working items incrementally on weekly basis. Each deliverable came with workload estimation and delivery time. With the support of project management tools and day-to-day communication, the development process is kept transparent to the client. This also enabled the client to participate and provide feedback on deliverables. In collaboration with client, the first minimal viable solution went live for use only 3 months after commencing with the project.

Ongoing Support

Particular attention was given to system training and instant technical support, to ensure that all end users would confidently be able to use the tool and all of technical issues are addressed and solved immediately.

Key Features of the System

Nurture the staff engagement in recruiting and onboarding process

  1. Plan, hire and manage staff onboarding process by using a single system
  2. Monitor the current recruiting process and provide analytics to track hiring metrics
  3. Make the whole team stay in sync
  4. Provide an engaging and compelling onboarding experience

Align workforce planning with its business goals

  1. Track and manage planning tasks for each individual
  2. Analyse the workforce attendance and drill down the performance on both individual and department level
  3. Create talent mapping to reflect the gaps and coverage of the resource planning

Payroll Management

  1. Instantly access to staff record and make changes to payroll
  2. Integrate with the third party to proceed with accurate payment for taxes, invoice and salary for any period

Shinetech Team

The Results

The new bespoke HR system, incorporating three core features has been delivered within just 3 months for a proof of concept to shape the digitisation scene within the organisation. From recruitment to onboarding, the workforce planning has been fully digitized and automated. The streamlined process improved the productivity and enabled the hotel managers to better predict the talent landscape with ease.

The Future

The new solution is helping client bring continuous HR innovation and nurture an integral employee experience. The smart digital platform has been continuously modernised so it could integrate into the whole hospitality management system seamlessly. As the client’s business grows and expands to other regions, further functionality enhancement will be incorporated to create a more comprehensive system that aligns with its goal of building the workforce of the future. Shinetech expanded its team size by involving business analysis, domain subject expert and senior developers to better fulfil the project requirements and technology skillsets. The client now has the visibility into human resource management for better decision making.