Development Strategies

Using Domain Driven Design Approach to Create a Scalable Workforce Solution

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We pride ourselves in helping our clients tackle even their most complex software development challenges. We want to deliver solutions that solve business problems and create value for our client. For years we have been using many excellent software practices in our projects, such as SCRUM, Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Continuous Integration (CI). Choosing the right development methods have a noted impact on the project success and we always stress the importance of quality and efficiency.

Improving Software Testing Coverage with Test Automation

Testing is a crucial part of software development. The cost of correcting a flaw in the functionality or fixing a bug becomes more expensive the later it is found in the development cycle. This issue can be avoided with comprehensive testing, which is not always a simple task. With such a wide range of OS versions and different devices and browsers in use, the different combinations are countless. Automated testing can help speed up the process, although as many experts have reminded us, we should not completely forget the function of us humans in testing.

Developing Maintainable Software Applications

When it comes to developing software, not only you have to consider creating the application, but also everything that comes with it. This can be from the actual design of the software to maintenance and updates. In this recent article, the author discussed some points related to maintaining software applications and the code base. It’s a topic I am quite passionate about, so I wanted to add a few things.

A Tech Birdie: Delightful Tournament Experience Through GolfScore-Live

GOLF is a four-letter word that stands for Green, Oxygen, Light, and Friendship. Golf is undoubtedly a charismatic sport that brings enjoyment and inspirations. As Grantland Rice, a 20th century American Sportswriter, once wrote, "golf is 20 percent mechanics and technique, and 80 percent philosophy, humor, romance, melodrama, companionship, camaraderie and conversation."

How to Know If You’ve Found the Right Outsourcing Software Development Team

In a recent article from CIO, the author talks about how to know if you’ve outsourced software development to the right team. In this post, I will add on to points made by sharing practical experiences and lessons I’ve learned from the projects I’ve worked on in the past.

The Myths and Realities of IoT in Energy Management

Shinetech Europe recently attended the third DLA Piper European Technology Summit, which brings together business leaders in the European tech industry and key figures who shape the regulatory and financial landscape under one roof. The team is inspired by the insights and analysis into the growth of technology and innovation on the panel discussion and breakout sessions.

Cross Platform Mobile Development: Xamarin Forms

Cross platform development has become a trending topic in mobile applications over the past few years. While using a native app platform offers many benefits and great features, cross-platform development software simplifies the mobile application creation. Some of the most popular cross-development environments include Sencha, PhoneGap, Titanium and Xamarin. Which one you choose depends on your preferred programming language and the needs and goals for your app.