Agile Process

How to Make the Most of Agile? Interview with a Scrum Master.

Agile development methods have many benefits; adaptability to changes, close collaboration with stakeholders and improved efficiency being the most valued ones. But how do you make sure your project is really taking full advantage of Agile, and not just being agile on the surface?

In this post, we have explored some of the basics of Agile software development from a practical point of view. We interviewed Richard Yang, one of our experienced team leaders who plays the role of a scrum master, business analyst and project manager, depending a little bit on the type of project.

Agile Story Mapping: Effective Communication Tool for Outsourced Development Teams

The beginning phases of any large project can be demanding. However, before you can jump in and begin execution, the development team should fully understand the main vision, purpose, and goals of the software product or application. When you are working with an outsourced team in a different location, having an efficient method will ensure everyone is clear on the tasks and requirements.