Monthly News Roundup - November 2017

The following is a compilation of articles from October covering some industry topics like Microservices and DevOps and also Shinetech News.

Shinetech Software announces a solution partnership with Magento – Shinetech News 10/25

Shinetech Software, Inc., a leading Agile application development provider, today announced they have established a Solution Partnership with Magento. Shinetech has strong experience in delivering complex ecommerce solutions and working with the Magento platform, and this partnership extends the offering to a full suite of Magento strategy and development services.

Follow the path to Microservices –  SD Times 10/18

Many of today’s organizations jump into microservices without considering what success will require. Rather than assessing where they are, where they want to go and how best to get there, they’re hoping to make giant leaps directly from waterfall or Agile to microservices. However, there are better and worse ways to adopt them.

What a modern development organization looks likeInfoworld 10/12

Find out if your development tools and methods match up to today’s state of the practice—and how that practice will evolve. What’s clear is that modern development organizations—even ones that may think they’re a bit old-school—do not look like even those of a few years ago. In the near future, we’ll have a very container/machine-learning place, and maybe even be chatops-driven. After all, scrums and devops were space-alien concepts not that long ago.

Agile Development and Custom Applications to Address Your Enterprise NeedsShinetech Blog

The decision the upgrade, replace or build a new software application is quite important, and companies have to consider many critical factors to make the right choices; budget, schedules, priorities and whether the development can be done in-house or it’s best to rely on development services. Choosing a company that is specialized in Agile software development and customized solutions can speed up the launch and ensure the system meets the needs of the business.

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