Monthly News Roundup - January 2018

Shinetech Software Global Locations

The following is a compilation of articles from December covering some industry topics like IT Architecture and Programming languages, and also a review of some of the important milestones for Shinetech.

A year in Review for Shinetech Software - Shinetech Software

Let’s look back at some of the highlights for Shinetech in 2017.It was a great year, working together with our clients, teams and partners. We expanded our offerings in data analytics and IoT, established new Partnerships and kicked-off 200+ new projects. Our focus is to continue delivering scalable, customized software solutions for our clients, and by adding new locations in North America we were able to strengthen our collaboration model. Our teams were also active in community programs, doing our little share to support those in need, and participating in technology events like the Domain Driven Design conference.

A new era in IT architectures – SD Times 12/26

This year microservices, containers, and cloud were extremely prevalent. Several new services came out for managing microservices, including those from major tech companies such as Google, IBM, Lyft, and Apache. Both Microsoft and Oracle released products to help manage containers, and services for cloud architectures such as AWS and Cloud Foundry remained strong.

Python virtual environments explained –  Infoworld 12/13

Of all the reasons Python is a hit with developers, one of the biggest is its broad and ever-expanding selection of third-party packages. Convenient toolkits for everything from ingesting and formatting data to high-speed math and machine learning are just an import or pip install away. But what happens when those packages don’t play nice with each other? What do you do when different Python projects need competing or incompatible versions of the same add-ons? That’s where Python virtual environments come into play.

State of JavaScript: The programming language is anything but boring - SD Times 12/13

No matter how developers feel about JavaScript, one thing is for certain: the programming language keeps evolving year after year. When talking about JavaScript, the developers note that JavaScript is not just a single language. There are a range of different flavors developers use. On the front end, React remains the dominant framework. However, the survey found interest in Vue is steadily increasing, while Angular is losing steam.


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