Monthly News Roundup - December 2017

The following is a compilation of articles from December covering some industry topics like Agile development and digital transformation.

Estimating Agile story points - Great Dane or Chihuahua – CIO Online 11/22

There are all sorts of techniques to estimate development tasks – dog breeds, t-shirt sizes – but what’s the best one? What I like about agile is that every team, especially the ones that have achieved a good maturity level, has developed their own ways of working—how great is that. However, when it comes to report effort required to develop a particular piece of work back to the business, things often get lost in translation. There are all sorts of techniques to estimate development tasks, but what’s the best one? Let’s start with the assumption there’s no right or wrong, but just what works best for the team.

Machine learning, Containers and DevOps among McKinsey top 10 enterprise infrastructure trends – Cloud Computing News 11/15

Machine learning-optimised stacks, container-first architectures and DevOps for both software and hardware are among the key trends redefining enterprise IT infrastructure, according to a new report from McKinsey. Other predictions which readers will have heard before – but are still invaluable – revolve around cybersecurity and increased usage of open source offerings.

How to avoid pitfalls when implementing microservices – Tech Target

What can go wrong when migrating to microservices? Plenty, experts say in this article about implementing microservices and its technical and cultural consequences. Microservices implementations often derail due to poor planning and lack of self-evaluation, said digital transformation expert Eric Roch. And that preparation is just stage one. Implementing microservices calls for new methods of rewarding DevOps and business teams and handling technical areas, like change management and breaking down dependencies.

Latest updates add more clarity and flexibility to Scrum Guide - SD Times 11/7

Scrum co-creators Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland are making new updates to The Scrum Guide to promote flexibility and clarity within the Scrum framework. The updated guide will now clear up common Scrum miscommunications about the framework, and provide a better understanding of Scrum inspection and adaptation.

Data Is the Key Ingredient to Digital Transformation -  BizTec Magazine 11/4

The cloud and the Internet of Things empower organizations to engage customers, optimize business and create new revenue streams. Data powers digital transformation — or at least it should. As organizations rethink the relationship between IT resources and digital strategy, data should inform their efforts to optimize customer engagement, achieve efficiencies and cost savings, and scale digital offerings. Given this massive growth of data, organizations that intend to pursue digital transformation need new strategies to store, analyze and act on data.


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