Shinetech has over 15 years' of software outsourcing experience, working with clients in various industries.
We help startup companies, medium-sized companies and larger enterprises.

Our main advantage is our transparent, agile development methodology that enables us to deliver the highest
quality of IT-solutions at an attractive price. That is the key reason why customers continue to cooperate with us.

Karlstad Office:

Sommargatan 101A,656 37 Karlstad,Sweden
+46 761 658 818

To really be close to our Nordic customers, Shinetech has a local office  in Karlstad Sweden. It is just three hours from Stockholm, Oslo or Goteborg and not so far from Copenhagen either. We strongly believe that working close with our customers is the best way to deliver our software services. Our development team can work onsite with you or at our Nordic office to create great systems, websites and applications.

Shinetech works with customers in various industries and technology fields including finance, travel, healthcare, education, e-commerce, and retail sectors, just to name a few.  This industry experience, combined with our expertise in the latest technologies, enables us to successfully adapt to our clients' diverse needs and makes Shinetech the best choice among software companies.

We are a global company with access to wide pool of talented software engineers and consultants. Shinetech provides not only software development capability, but also IT solutions for your business. We aspire to create value-added services to our customers based on our rich experience in the industry. We can provide consulting services in certain fields like Hotel and Travel booking, Retail/Ecommerce, POS system, etc.

At Shinetech, our developers are not only focused on software development, we also try to understand customers' local culture and business requirements, to deliver business value with local user experience. We believe great systems will be built by our smart and easy-to-work with teams. Look at 'Introducing Shinetech Developers' to learn more about how we work.

Introducing Shinetech Developers:

  • Passionate about new technologies

  • Experienced and quick learners

  • Good English communication skills

  • Enjoy their work and deliver amazing results

  • Understand local culture – fika and bullar