Resource Management System

Shinetech currently works with more than 100 clients from 25 countries, nearly half of whom have been our partners for at least two years. Since 2001, we have collaborated with more than 300 clients from the U.S., Europe, and Australia, and recently added several Fortune 100 companies to our list.

For a long time, Shinetech is devoted to build high-efficient and high-quality offshore outsourcing teams strategically partnered with our clients in a steady win-win relationship entrusting each other in the long term. The following case is about a typical long partner of Shinetech in Western Europe.

Brief introduction

Allgeier, a Swiss client, subsidiary of Germany enterprise - Allgeier Group, is an IT service provider who offers sophisticated and versatile software concepts, solutions and platforms. At the end of 2006, they looked for Shinetech to build an ODC (Offshore Development Software) team to assist them in customizing and developing a large resource management system for the end user - a Fortune 500 company in French. It is a world leader and innovator in transport infrastructure and power generations with a portfolio of products covering all kinds of fuel. Due to bundles of service supplied across the world, they need a system to manage the various resources, including material requirement, budget, purchase, suppliers, documents and others.

Solution and collaboration

Based on the requirements, we established a 10-man team within six months that keeps working stably till now. Combining Allgeier’s professional knowledge with Shinetech’s ODC experience, we have a united and high-efficient team. During the procedure of collaborating, Allgeier’s onshore team was in charge of exploring the business demands, while Shinetech’s offshore team was responsible for developing the system. There are two critical points for us to successfully undertaking the project: one is a good understanding and communication between us in project implementing via e-mail, GoToMeeting, online chatting, exchanging visit, etc., the other is “agile methodology” adopted in development enables us to optimize the process constantly and response to the client’s requirement quickly.

Advantages of our team:

  • Technical competence. Our developers adopt .Net 2008 technology and our strong logic ability in processing gigantic SQL Server database of this large management system.
  • Stable Team. The team has 9 or 10 developers with a relatively fixed structure, among which have the leader Yu Yang and the analyst Wang Peng. Besides, we have cooperated with the client for over four years from 2007 to 2011 and will continue.
  • Rich experience in ODC and good communication with the client. At the beginning, our team only develops the software based on the client’s provision, but brings up solutions according to the client’s needs independently one year later.


More than 4000 people are using this product around the world. Because new features and customers are increasingly added to the project, the team updates and maintains the system at a high speed and it earns a high praise and extra bonus from our client. Thus, Allgeier is also looking forward to have a deeper cooperation with Shinetech in the near future.


The working staffs in Allgeier and Shinetech go to each other’s place for exchanging visit from time to time, and they have already become not only good working partners but also good friends in life.

Here are some pictures you can see.