Combined Onshore+Offshore Teams

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Combined onshore+offshore teams

A combined onshore+offshore team acts as your in-house development team. The team works together with you to identify the encountered problems, define requirements, and develop the software to meet your specific needs. They will help you custom the applications from scratch or continue from where left off. 



With combined onshore+offshore service model, Shinetech has successfully delivered customized software applications development service for over 1000 clients. The onshore resources and offshore developers will work together with you to solve your encountered problems and eliminate your pain points.  

onshore+offshore model

Cross-functional Onshore Resources

The handpicked onshore resources possess good English communication skills and over 10 years experience in software development industry. No matter you are in need of an Architect, BA, PM (Product Manager) or a Tech Lead, the onshore resource can dive into your business and get a deep understanding of your requirements by timely and efficient communications during your business hours. He will work together with you to identify the problems, collaborate with offshore developers to work out the business value-focused technical solutions, and ensure your real needs are considered and delivered in the final products.

100% Dedicated Offshore Developers

We have a talent pool of 450+ agile developers whose technical expertise covers the entire software development spectrum. We will carefully select developers with suitable skill sets and optimal level of experience to meet your specific project needs. With business perspective borne in mind and self-managing abilities, our developers will actively bring in their creativity to the project in addition to their strengths in particular technology or industry. A close communication with both the client and onshore resource will be maintained to ensure the custom software applications can actually solve your problems and achieve the goal you aim at.

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Our onshore+offshore model for development teams allows us to collaborate with clients regardless of timezone. Such collaborations have been the key to the success for the teams to solve the real problems and eliminate the pain points for clients. As an expert in Automotive, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Finance, Public sector, and Mobile Application etc., we have successfully accomplished projects include:

  • Custom a set of Self-service Storage Customer Center Systems of PC and Mobile terminals for CubeSmart.

  • Europe’s largest online restaurant booking system.

  • CMS and customized media publishing app used in exhibitions by one of the most well-known telecommunication companies.

  • Merchandizing Selecting System including CRM, CMS, FMS modules for a Fortune Global 500 clothing manufacturers. 

  • A vehicle health check mobile application for a global brand of industrial and automotive lubricants.

  • Telemedicine Healthcare Systems for Secure Medical.


Onshore+Offshore Service Model

Onshore+Offshore service model enables the team to work together with you to identify encountered problems, define requirements and bring value to your business growth.  

Dedicated Agile Developers

Our developers are provided with opportunities to learn, grow, stay productive and motivated. So that they can focus on your development needs and proactively drive your projects forward.

Collaborative Partner

We are a partner more than just a vendor. We'll help you identify the main problems, collaborate closely with you to deliver the best technical solutions and software development service, and eliminate your pain points.

Guaranteed Quality

A one-week free trial is provided for you to evaluate the qualified developers for your specific needs. Fast iteration and incremental development method ensure the selected developers to deliver a high quality result.

What Our Clients Say

a taste OF shinetech Onshore Resources

Yao Pian
Tech Lead
Joined Shinetech in 2010


Binguo Yang
Tech Lead&Scrum Master
Joined Shinetech in 2007


Tony Su
Software Engineer Lead
Joined Shinetech in 2012



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