Web Application Development

Web applications development

We understand the need to boost your online business, improve business efficiency and ensure a good user experience for your customers, employees and partners. We have been empowering our clients to build and enhance their web applications and digital platforms for more than 10 years by using the latest technologies and our agile and responsive delivery methods.

Shinetech can guide you through the digital transformation journey and build web applications tailored to your needs and expectations. We put functionality, performance, design and usability at the heart of your enterprise development. Our services cover:

  • Custom Web Solutions
  • Desktop to Web Application Upgrades
  • eCommerce Sites
  • Website re-build and Development

Bespoke front-end & Back-end development

We have expertise in both front-end and back-end development, making us very confident in saying we consider the full solution and deliver a web app that looks and works great. Our teams have vast experience in crafting responsive and flexible user interfaces and doing complex systems integrations. We can build custom web applications or customize off-the-shelf products like Magento and Wordpress. Sample of our tech stack:

Programming Languages: Java, PHP, C#, Python

Frameworks: .NET, Node.js, ReactJS, AngularJS,  Ruby on Rails

responsive Front-end layer

Having a well-designed and intuitive front-end layer enables companies to market their products or services and to engage with their customers and users in a delightful way that compels them into actions. We work hard to make sure we assemble all your brand elements and message, and translate them into an interactive and pleasant experience for your target audience.

We have extensive experience in front-end software programming languages ranging from the core HTML/XHTML/HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, to the latest frameworks, such as: Bootstrap, AngularJS, VUE.js and ReactJS. 

Our Project Experience:

Controlling Displayed Content with Node.js

In a recent project for a global telecommunication equipment and services company, our team developed a web based CMS solution using Node.js, an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment for high-performance, low latency applications.

The solution our team created ensures a real-time data communication from the backend to display applications. It has seamless cross-platform integration between the backend, mobile iOS application, and desktop application, allowing users to pre-schedule, upload and present content to be displayed at certain screens for example at exhibitions and trade shows.

scalable Back-end solutions

While a front-end application is where the application users interact with it directly, the back-end is the engine for it. We start by building a solid foundation and an architecture that supports scalability, extensibility, security and flexibility. We are highly competent in server-side languages such as PHP, Ruby, Java, .NET, SQL and technologies like MEAN, LAMP and CakePHP.

Our back-end developers have expertise in building distributed systems of various scale, setting up database structures, system integration and data analytics for specific industries such as healthcare, ecommerce, manufacturing, finance, hospitality, sports, and automotive. We can also utilize powerful functionality provided by third party APIs. 

Our extensive backend experience ranges from building restaurant booking system platform, to maintaining and enhancing automotive parts inventory system, adopting cloud for workforce management, just to name a few.

Meet our Senior Developers

Terry Shi
Senior Software Developer

Terry, a senior software developer at Shinetech with rich experience in .Net framework development and agile project management, is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer since 2011. Terry has 10 years of experience in project development and 3 years in project management. 

Terry worked with a Swiss client for four years providing seamless and insightful IT diagnosis, analysis and support. Terry has worked more than 3 years now for a well-known global supermarket, providing strategic IT support and QA on its business risk management solution for every branch. The technologies Terry covered are: ASP.NET, MCV, SQL Server, and IIS. 

Terry graduated from Taiyuan University of Technology, China, majoring in computer science and technology and he is highly proficient in spoken and written English.

Gary Gao
Senior Software Developer

Gary has over 7 years of technical experience in software development, and graduated with a double degree of Information System and Information Management in Wuhan University of Science & Technology.

In addition to proficiency of English and technology stacks, Gary has extensive experience in helping clients from various industries, delivering quality web solutions (.NET programming including C#, WPF, Silverlight, Workflow, WCF, store procedures, SQL programming and Agile project management)  in the States, UK, and China. Since 2012, Gary shifted focus to rails development and Gary is the current Ruby-on-Rails tech lead in Shinetech.

Gary is involved in the project of the hotel reservation system for one of the largest tour operator company in Scandinavia.

Why work with shinetech

Our clients like our pragmatic and agile approach and the focus on delivering business value by listening to our clients’ needs and building customized solutions. We take time to understand the background and develop a plan or estimate that quickly confirms the main priorities, allowing us to deliver in quicker iterations. Our agile methods and mindset is very adaptive to client needs and any changes.

We provide full stack software development developers with rich industrial experience and the skill-sets that allow us to work as your own team to deliver high quality, unique and project-specific solutions. Shinetech’s dedicated full stack developers will consider the whole web application flow, from the layout, cross-platform compatibility and interface design to the server development. You will also have full visibility to the project status at all times

Our regional locations and onshore capabilities combined with our delivery centers give us the ability to work direct with our clients. Leave it to us and let Shinetech help you with your custom web app development!

Proven Delivery Methods

We strive to incorporate modern best practices and the latest technologies in our software development. Industry-standard version control and quality testing software are used as part of our process. Our iterative approach to development is efficient, but we never compromise quality over speed in our delivery.


Working with Shinetech developers is the best way to experience our software knowledge and collaborative, agile processes..